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We believe your content deserves to be seen by many more people and that's why we are the solution. Indifferent to having a blog, vlog, or presentation site, we promote it and make sure it is seen by many people around the world!

What exactly is this site?

Viral-Link is a completely free tool where you can short links, track and manage users content. We are among the only ones that guarantee both seriousness and security.

How to share a link manually

To share a link is not easy, but not difficult. The first time you have to have a site with many visitors, a YouTube channel or any other page or community on social networks to be known. For example, you can shorten your link which is actually an article to a review of a game or even an article about how to lose or why not about how to make money online. An example of effective promotion is to join a facebook group and then post the link or links you've created with us.

Is it a Copyrighted/Illegal/DMCA link? Report us at [email protected]!

You can also contact us if you want a collaboration or you have a suggestion. We are friendly about regarding both collaborations and proposals.